Tom Loker hosts Health Policy Table
at The Global Leaders Forum

Yesterday, The Global Leaders held their 2nd. Annual Healthcare Conference at the Marine's Memorial Club in San Francisco. Attended by over 200 influential leaders in the areas of healthcare and finance representing over 1.3 trillion in GDP the event included such luminaries as Margaret Liu, M.D. world renowned immunologist and Nobel Candidate, John Figueroa-CEO Omnicare, Mark Siranegelo-Chairman & CEO Sierra Nevada Space Systems, Francis Waldvogel-Chairman Novartis Venture Fund, Catherine Arnold-Managing Director Credit Suisse, David Gershon-MM Dillon, Tim O'Reilly-Founder & CEO OReilly Media, Molly Coye-CEO UCLA Health Systems Kathleen Sharp-New York Times journalist and noted author, and many other significant leaders.

Tom Loker was selected to host one of the topic tables and facilitate to discussion on Health Policy. Other topics included Regulatory Issues, Intellectual Property, Cardiology, Technology, Research, Infectious Disease, Investing, China, Europe, Healthcare Information, Human Capital, India, Patient Advocacy, Philanthropy & Healthcare, and Product Strategy. The focus of each topic was to stimulate discussion to begin to find solutions for the issues we face across the healthcare continuum.

Founder George Bikerstaff, kicked off the event. The Global Leaders has grown to represent over 1 million influential leaders worldwide representing almost 70 percent of GDP making this a must attend event.

"One of the most impressive Conferences I have attended in a long time, I am very glad I had the opportunity to attend and participate with such a smart and capable group of accomplished leaders. I would wholeheartedly recommend this group to anyone who wants to help make a difference in how we define and implement healthcare in the future!" Loker said.