Thomas W. Loker

Acknowledged Thought Leader

Tom has had an extensive history in healthcare. As an Angel Investor, Mentor and Advisor at Keiretsu Forum & Venture-Med and an established operations guy with serial successes with startups, transitional companies and turnaround situations, Tom has had a long career serving in the fields of science, technology and healthcare related industries. He is an active board member in both for-profit and not-for-profit companies. Tom has written numerous articles in the areas of healthcare, health tech, health policy, politics and the economy of healthcare. He is currently the principal author, along with a number of other contributors, of Health Reform 2.0: Beyond partisan divide lies pragmatic solutions – a working whitepaper focused on moving beyond the partisan rhetoric of the ACA (Obamacare) to a simple, efficient, effective, accessible and affordable healthcare system.

Tom has been involved with healthcare reform for many years, going back prior to President Obama’s election. He was active during the debate, advising on how to effectively get services to the underserved. He was a strong advocate for using true patient centered systems to improve the quality of care and patient outcome and was pivotal in the insertion of the concept of coordination of care and benefits as a repeated tenant of the Affordable Care Act. Tom is one of the few people that has read almost every word of every piece of legislation that came out of the various committees, as well as the various versions of the final legislation.

Tom’s understanding of the history of care in America helpes him get others to understand how we got to the non-system we have today, as well as how this system needs to fundamentally change in order to develop into the system we need for tomorrow. Tom's work on this whitepaper, mentioned above has been heralded as a fresh and valid approach to move beyond the ACA, or Obamacare, and get to a truly workable solution.

In the healthcare space, Tom has long maintained a passion for serving the underserved and has founded, supported and worked in various companies to serve the most fragile among us. He has developed a number of detailed approaches to solving the issues in the current, and evolving healthcare system. Because of his understanding and expertise in the business of healthcare, he has been invited to conduct multiple congressional briefings on healthcare reform in Congress, meeting with more than 100 congressional representatives.

He has been a guest on HuffPost Live to talk about health care issues, and is a frequent keynote speaker on the topic for many groups and events. Prior to his latest book, The History and Evolution of Healthcare in America: The untold backstory of where we've been, where we are, and why healthcare needs more reform, Tom published Delusional Ravings of a Lunatic Mind— a collection of essays on healthcare, politics and their interaction of both with the economy Both books are available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and other bookstores.

Delusional Ravings
History & Evolution of Healthcare
HealthReform 2.0 Whitepaper


St. Marys College of Maryland – Laboratory Manager. Tom managed several academic and research laboratories, expanded capital equipment through various programs including surplus property donations and grants.

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital – Manager of Decision Support Services. Tom managed a team of five analysts, tasked with developing an understanding of revenue flow and deficiencies and line profitability. This led to a variety of research initiatives to identify reimbursement trends and developed specific strategies for improving reimbursement and identified methods to improve revenues via managing margin and mix of services. Tom was a key member of the M&A team, integral at managing the due diligence and analysis of the potential merger between Stanford, LPCH, and UCSF. He developed a very comprehensive understanding of the issues relative to the then current reimbursement system for healthcare and how the current system's mechanics were leading to increasingly higher invoiced costs with no tangible gains in real income.

Ramsell Holding Corporation – COO. Brought in to address a serious financial issue, including accounting and cash management problems, he was asked to stay on as COO to stabilize, restructure and expand the company from a family-owned single structure to a multi-tiered organization. He expanded offerings from a single product to a multi-product scalable platform of solutions. Realigned, recruited and retrained management and staff, and prepared the founder’s son for succession as CEO. He repurposed an existing nonprofit entity and managed litigations and government relations. He tripled the number of customers and gained $1B+ in new contracts in five years. He oversaw the redevelopment of an integrated non-profit and developed a second non-profit. He conceptualized and developed a demonstration project of a truly patient centered system that provided simple easy access to needed services with a fully integrated virtual care group tied to a full coordination of care and benefits infrastructure that reduced duplicated services, constrained fraud and abuse, lowered cost and improved outcomes. This system redefined the healthcare continuum into four discrete integrated and necessary legs: Participants – formerly known as patients, Facilitators – people that help participants find and gain access to care and benefits, Providers – people who provide the care, including Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Therapists etc. and Sponsors – individuals, corporations and governmental organizations that pay for the care.

PocketDoc – Advisor. Your health, your way! PokitDok is a health marketplace for you to shop for treatment from your desktop or mobile device. PokitDok on your iPhone or Android phone allows you to access all the important features to help you make informed healthcare decisions are with you anytime, anywhere.

Prime Genomics – Acting CEO, now Executive Advisor. An innovative method to provide an inexpensive, accurate and effective saliva based test for active growing breast cancer. Now in clinical trials. Once proven in this modality, the technology has opportunities in many other cancers as well as other disease states. He helped guide the company’s business development, complete the initial capital raise and secure access to key venture capital for long term growth.

Others: ImpactMeds, SoundFit, Vithera Labs, Savara Pharmaceutical – Tom has acted as an advisor, mentor or assisted in securing funding.


Date / Action

2008 - Begins Healthcare reform effort and works to inform congress in more efficient ways to serve the underserved population

2009 - Continues meeting with congress focused on techniques and legislation to spread risk, and burden while reducing waste and fraud

2009 - Begins demonstration project of Help4U platform. 2010 - Roll out of demonstration project of Help4U Platform.

2010 - Provides congressional briefing on techniques to increase service to the underserved and reduce waste through full coordination of care and benefits systems

2010 - Published whitepaper Rational National Healthcare Plan - focused on areas to revise or repeal sections of the ACA.

2011 - Delusional Ravings of a Lunatic Mind - published.

2012 - The History and Evolution of Healthcare in America: The untold backstory of where we've been, where we are, and why healthcare needs more reform! - published.

2013 - Develops an innovative model to lower start-up failure rates through angle Investment networks. Joins Venture-Med. Participates in a consortium of passionate healthcare professionals to develop Beyond Obamacare Paper.

2014 – January, Begins development of Health Reform 2.0: Beyond partisan divide lies pragmatic solutions

2014 – March, publishes whitepaper at Health Reform 2.0 website

2014 – September, Tom presents Health Reform 2.0 outline at Oregon Biosciences Association Annual Conference.